[IC] Krush65

[IC] Krush65

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been meaning to make a cheap keyboard. Up to now, I have finally completed the design and also completed the board more carefully, so I would like to introduce to everyone a new project of mine.  Krush65 (Keyboard+ Crush)
Krush65 is a project I collaborated with Kezewa (Maker Enter67) to be able to bring everyone a delicious keyboard at the best possible price for what this keyboard brings.
When designing a cheap keyboard, people will often lose the weight of that keyboard, but for me, I like to use a heavy keyboard and the grip value will be very firm and compact, so I pushed the weight of the keyboard to a maximum of 1.7kg before build and after build will be about 2kg. This is going to be my bright spot compared to the usual cheap keyboards.
The keyboard will support 2 mounting at the same time, top mount and gummy o-ring mount.


Typing angle: 7 deg
Front height: 19mm 
Size: 315.3mm x 110.2mm
Copper weight unbuild: 1,7kg 
Aluminum weight unbuild: 914g

Dual - Mounting
Support both Top mount and gummy O-ring mount

Plate Options:

PCB layout support
PCB 1.6mm non Flex-cut

Color Options
Back/ Navy/Dark Green /Lilac/ Red/ Silver/ PC/ Purple/ Grey/ Raw/E-Cream/E-White

Weight Options:
Aluminum/Copper/SS PVD



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Is the plate included at any of the prices or should we select it from the extra section? Around how much is shipping to US ?


GB starts 4/30/24, as per geekhack thread


does anybody know when the groupbuy starts?


How do I purchase the Crush65?

Vincent Kim

I’m dying to know. When is it coming out?


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