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Abasic Acrylic

Abasic Acrylic

We're happy to have Abasic coming back. 

Product picture :

Abasic sound test and review from The Dredgen Project

Abasic R2 Sound test from Blobbins

 Pearl Abasic with acrylic wrist rest.

Sales format :

  • FCFS format - Shipping after 14 days.

Pricing :

A standard kit ($199) includes :

  • Abasic Alice acrylic [Gasket mount] case - Designed by Nuxros
  • OLED LCD screen, separate component - NOT Solder to pcb by default.
  • Aluminum plate.
  • Wanderland v2 - Alice layout pcb, designed by KiwiKey
  • Colors : Frosted Black, Pearl, Blood, Ocean Blue and Neon

Upgrades : 

  • Hotswap PCB +$15
  • Extra FR4/Poly/Pom plates : $36/$38/$38
  • Brass weight : $30
  • Abasic Acrylic Wristrest : $49 (more pictures)
  • Extra bottom plate in Pear color for the best RGB effect : $15
  • Abasic Accessories could be found here. 

Switch Tuning & Assembling Service

For this round, we offer full tuning and assembling service by our expert assembler. Package will include : 

  • Switches tuning : custom spring, lubing and adding stickers.
  • Stab tuning : Optimize and lubing.

Using this service, just adding a keycap set then your Abasic will be ready.

Wanderland v2 PCB features :

  • RGB LEDs Under glow
  • USB Type-C
  • QMK Compatible 100%
  • Easy keymapping with VIA
  • Support OLED screen.
  • Support Encoder.

Join our discord server for more content of Abasic.

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