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RE65 R2

RE65 R2

Designed with inspiration from the spaceship. This keyboard is extremely heavy for a 65% keyboard (2.3kg built). After some revision, Nurox is back with the RE6.5 R2 with mostly visual upgrading. The board is foamless so it will be a new experience in the world that is currently dominated by the foam-ly packed board.

Case: Aluminium 6061
Plate: Aluminium
Internal Copper Weight  + External Copper Weight
Weight: Base kit 2.3kg
Degree: 7
Front Height: 20,1 mm /Length: 336,6 mm /Width: 116,7 mm
Gasket mount
Hotswap PCB 1.6mm, USB type-C
QMK/VIA compatibility
Colors: Black/ Grey/ Red/ Silver/ Navy/ PC

*Note: There will be no future rounds or restock*
Kit Content:
Aluminum top case
Aluminum bottom case
PC accent
Aluminum plate
Poron gasket
Internal Copper Weight + External Copper Weight 
Hotswap PCB 
Rubber feet

Extra Add-on:
Extra Accent Bar:

Group-Buy: June 10th 2023 - July 5th 2023
Delivery: Q4 2023

US: Vala Supply
Canada: Ashkeeb
UK: Proto[Typist]
EU: Keygem
OCE: Allcaps
Thailand: PJ Aiglatson Studio
Malaysia: Tips
Rest of World:

Sound test:
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